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Why a Home Phone?

At 草莓视频在线观看, we鈥檙e seeing an increasing trend of people cancelling their home phone service to use their cell phones. While we understand the need to save money, before you stop your home phone service, take a look at what we鈥檝e found in researching home phones:

鈥 Emergency 911 uses a phone number database to pin-point a caller鈥檚 location, and cell phones are not in that database.

鈥 Corded telephones continue to work in a storm even when the power goes out, and will continue to work for hours!

鈥 Home security systems work through a home telephone line, and satellite customers use home phone lines to update their channel listings.

鈥 You鈥檒l never drop a call with a home phone.

Here are some statistics to consider when looking to replace your home phone with a cell phone:

路 That 68% of participants of one study do not have a plan in place to deal with home emergencies

路 80% felt that it is important to have both a home phone and cell phone in their homes for emergencies, because you have options for contacting 9-1-1

路 27% of respondents鈥 children have not received instruction on how to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency

For your safety, and the safety of your family, please think twice before disconnecting that home phone service!

草莓视频在线观看 strives to bring advanced telecommunication services, including broadband service, to all of its customers.

As an incumbent local exchange carrier, this has required a substantial financial investment on the part of 草莓视频在线观看 to upgrade an expand its existing telephone network. 草莓视频在线观看鈥檚 high speed digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service requires use of the telephone network to connect to the Internet. Due to this substantial financial investment in the telephone plant and recovery of certain costs for local exchange telephone facilities (no stand-alone DSL) through Federal Universal Service support, 草莓视频在线观看 is unable to economically provide stand-alone DSL at an affordable rate to its customers without also providing local exchange telephone service. 草莓视频在线观看鈥檚 decision to bundle local telephone service and DSL is mandated by this economic reality that due to the substantial network cost involved in providing these services it is simply not feasible, to Cameron or its customers, to provide stand-alone DSL.